Oct 18, 2013

ERP Agreements (article.2)

ERP Agreements (article.2)

When I heard about the ERP expression for the first time I was confused of the meaning of the word. Then I did my best to search in the web to know what the ERP is.

In the fact and after I read about that I’m still want know more and more for one reason and that is because ERP is like the baby in the business environment and I do not agree with most of the economists and technicians about ERP is old way and just is improved.

I see myself one the big fans for the free software and open sources community so I predict that the future in the ERP systems will be for just the open sources and free software not for the closed systems. Because I feel anger when I hear the word license in a software agreement!!!!

My PhD was about the free software and the Consumer Protection so I will write about ERP systems and how we have to redefine its agreements to base on the open source and free software philosophy.

In the next article we will talk about the Conditions that must exist in the ERP contract.

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